How to Style Your Oversized T-Shirt for Woman

How to Style Your Oversized T-Shirt for Woman now online: Big t-shirt for women Edinburgh or Ladies t-shirt in Cambridge or Tall t-shirt for women Edinburgh

Date: Feb 08 2020

While it’s cozy to put on a big-tee at bedtime, it’s also a major fashion hit in street style. But the main thing is to figure out how to wear an oversized Tee and turn heads while you walk the floor. We like our dresses to be tailored to our measurements but a super large T-Shirt gives you ample options to experiment and stand out in the crowd. An oversized T-Shirt in your closet can be turned into an absolute fashion statement with just a little street style inspiration. So fire up your imagination and pick the style that speaks for itself.

An oversized Ladies T-Shirt in Cambridge gives you the freedom to wear it just the way you want–cut it to your need and hands down–you’re a diva! Check out the styling tips below to find out what’s in the trend for of big t-shirt for women Edinburgh.

1. Loosely tuck your big tee from the front into a pair of shorts or skinny jeans. Go for a casual look by pairing it with sneakers. Leave your hair messy or tie it in a bun to define a carefree look.

2. Pair your oversized t-shirt with a blazer to get that laid back look. Carry a trendy oversized handbag or a sleek sling bag to complete the look.

3. Amp up your chic look by wearing it off shoulder and flaunt your toned shoulder line. You can tuck it in or leave it baggy.

4. Tuck it in oversized trousers for a high-volume look. Go for this look if you’re ein the mood to dress up and pull the day in casuals yet stand out in the crowd.

5. Roll up the sleeves of your oversized t-shirt to adjust it according to your size. Finish this look with a pair of wedge sneakers or even running shoes.

6. Go for a smart chic look by using a contrast colour belt and put it around your waist to hold up the oversized T-Shirt to your curves. Pair it with a ripped jeans or leggings or if the T-Shirt has enough length, you can even opt out the leggings and wear it like a shift
dress. Accessorize your look with a piece of funky jewelry.

7. Stay comfortable yet perk up your style quotient by pairing it with shorts and shoes for a sporty look.

8. One of the best thing about an oversized t-shirt is that you can shape it, layer it, style it as per your mood–it doesn’t complain. Tie a knot in the front of the shirt and wear it like a crop top. This will create a fun summer look when teamed up with high waist shorts, or
for that matter a skater skirt.

9. It teams up super cool with Dungarees. Just tuck in the tee into it and pair them with white sneakers and you are the girl next door.
10. Pair it with a denim skirt and denims never go wrong. You can loosely tuck in the tee into the skirt and go for gladiators or boots for a trendy look.